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September 2005

42 in Walkersdorf

The traditional 42-meeting-workshop.
This time in Walkersdorf, the first event at Wd8.
16-18 September 2005.

November 2005

Wd8 Mugs

During the project 'Local Image' at Stanica in Zilina, Slovakia, Estonian artist Mariliin Kindisko paints 7 high-quality coffee-mugs for Wd8.
December 2005

NCC05 Satellite Station Wd8

On December 8, 2005, a beautiful winter-day, Bettina, Cym and Oskar make a little event at Wd8 during the Netart Community Congress (NCC) in Graz in Dom in Berg. During the one hour live-stream from Wd8, Bettina and Oskar make a chocolate-cake featuring the new mur.at-logo.

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